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The vacuum and the shell (Album)

1. Wires

2. Black Syrup

3. Anak

4. Cabin fever

5. Balloon

6. Vacuum and the shell

7. Elevator

8. The meat juices

9. Kaleidoscope

10. The perfect holiday

<a href="">Wires by Block 45</a>

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Block 45 (EP)

1. Something in the air

2. Mouth of mischief

3. Baboons and armadillos

4. Gang of four

5. Meguro wa doco

<a href="">Something in the air by Block 45</a>


1. Kaleidoscope

2. Piano black syrup

3. Emotive orchestra

4. 27-4-02

5. Hello

6. Chout

<a href="">Kaleidoscope by Block 45</a>

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