?Redo from start is a reincarnation of Block 45, a band based in Tokyo, Japan.

Although there is no difference to the people behind both entities, the aims of the two projects are somewhat different.

Block 45 aimed for a more popular danceable sound, something your grandma could bop along to. Although it was reported that there was at least one grandmother that performed a bop to the beats of Block 45, this was heavily argued whether it was merely a coincidental movement of the upper body. These days we now claim that no elderly person has ever felt any kind of urge to move any part of their body while listening to Block 45.

Meanwhile ?Redo from start does not aim to make a room full of people dance. The thought was that just because some electronic beats are used does not seem like a good reason to make people dance. Some people would consider it an insult to their intelligence that some computer would make them dance. Computers are highly repetitive monkeys that don't have any kind of creativity. This is why in the early days of electronic music it would seem like the song was really quite repetitive. The reason for this is because the people making this kind of song were quite lazy and thought they would be able to get away with copy and pasting the same loop for 10 minutes. Unfortunately some stray robot monkeys got on the dancefloor and they were able to convince the DJs that they were really good. Regardless of the outcome such electronic beats became associated with dance music.

The aim of ?Redo from start is to make non-dance electronic music. Stuff you could possibly be moved to tears by. No, we are not the first band to think of this but if you get on soundcloud you will find that 99% bands are doing dance related genres. Talk about saturation of the market. So if you happen to listen to ?Redo from start try do not tap your feet/clap your hands/bop along to it. Perhaps a tear of joy or a shake of the fist would be better. No, just kidding please do whatever you like since remember there are no rules, only boxes.