The ECFTPOTV (Extraordinary Commission for the Preservation of the Void) is a centrally planned institution aiming to reclaim the void that has been lost in the modern life.

It is a closely related agency to the Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage (Russian: Всероссийская чрезвычайная комиссия по борьбе с контрреволюцией и саботажем), the old name of the KGB.

There are no particular goals for the ECFTPOTV, nor are there agendas to destroy the pleasures that come with technology. Although the main aims are to actively create nothing, it is not a pacifist organization. The desired outcome is to create a healthy balance between void and non-void, providing a more humanitarian style of living.

If ECFTPOTV was a chair, it would be Ikea basic chair "MOSES"

If ECFTPOTV was a meal, it would be the most luxurious meal that your friend's uncle could make.

If ECFTPOTV was entertainment, it would be finding something utterly beautiful in infomercials.

If ECFTPOTV was an organism, it would be living close enough for you to be aware of it, but out of sight.


Here is a poem I wrote about ECFTPOTV:




Due to the syllabic nature of the poem (actually, haiku), the poem is not translatable. Sorry.

For further details, please watch the void-inducing videos and music provided on this site. An application for futher information can be made at the email address below.